Graphics Made Easy Online!

Our very first Graphics Made Easy online programme ran from October 2014 to February 2015.

Here’s how we introduced it in a series of short videos over a period of weeks:

Introducing the Power of Graphics, with bullet points and borders:

Adding colour and graphics to bring things to life:

How to bring a black and white, pre-prepared template to life with colour:

Adapting the way you present, facilitate and train to make the most of graphics:

Here’s a visual outline of the Graphics Made Easy online programme:
An outline of the Graphics Made Easy online programme

Introducing the Online Programme:

Here’s the outline of what you’ll receive as a Graphics Made Easy Online Participant:

The Programme
Preparation for working graphically – looking at materials and more.

Part I
Getting Started with Graphics.
Discover the Beauty of Lines and Shapes.
Circles and Curves: Easy When You Know How!
Building Blocks and Starter Shapes for your own Visual Vocabulary.

Part II (two weeks later)
Colour. Using colour in various ways, tips and tricks.
Which colours blend. Dealing with colour-blindness.
Shading and 3D.
Bullet Points using graphics.
Concepts and Ideas.

First Webinar: to introduce yourself and for Penny to answer your questions so far.

Part III (two weeks later)
Handwriting – what works and how to improve yours.
Drawing and using graphics representing people.

Part IV (two weeks later)
Using your graphics digitally.
Remote meetings.
A final template for your work.
Adapting your own work to be more visual.

Part V (two weeks later)
Finalise your own work.
How are you doing?
Inspiration from around the world.

Webinar: To round off the course and to answer your final questions

Here’s what people say about the Starter Workshop this is based on:

‘Go for it! Well worth the investment’

Erica Hurley, MD Parallax Development and Facilitator, KIN (Knowledge Innovation Network), Warwick Business School

‘What went well? the variety of exercises; seeing my progress. I feel confident. A brilliant day.’

Tilla Brook, Catalyst Convener Leader Coach at Tilla Brook Coaching Ltd

It was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t fault anything. I can’t wait to get going and use graphics in our training and improve our participants’ learning experience’

Rob Hayes, Training Manager, Mango Training

‘Fantastic course – great value for money!’

Sarah Stokes, Director, Kangaroo Training

‘What went well for me? Everything! Drawing, receiving excellent training. It was ten times better than I thought it would be – and I had high expectations to begin with.’

Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dosti

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Interaction with Penny and the other participants
Throughout the programme, you can interact with Penny one-to-one via the online learning environment, exchanging text, images and video. You can share ideas, questions, images and videos with other participants in the community forum:

The Forum

Your investment
The investment for this programme is usually the same as for the one day Graphics Made Easy starter workshop. This is £499 (plus VAT if applicable), although we can also take payment in dollars, euros and, for UK organisations, through a series of three direct debits.

The Graphics Made Easy Online Programme is now closed but will open again in the spring.

Note: If you work for an international charity or non-profit organisation, you might be eligible for a bursary. Previous organisations include a charity working with TB in Somalia and a water non-profit in the USA. Contact Penny if this might apply to you.

Thank you