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How many times have you experienced ‘death by PowerPoint’? How many presentations do you attend which are not the best use of your valuable time? How often do you watch slide after wordy slide roll by, and stifle a yawn?

We all know that words alone just don’t cut it for communication any more. Try it yourself – what five things can you recall from the last meeting you went to? Thought so! We only remember a small fraction of what’s presented in words alone.

But there is hope. Add appropriate pictures to words, and knowledge transfer goes up, by as much as 89%! (See, for example, Prof. Richard Mayer’s book ‘Multi-Media Learning’)
The truth is that we live in a highly visual world. Trainers, facilitators and presenters ignore this at their peril. Graphics can help you to connect powerfully with people – ensuring that your messages are received and retained. Just imagine that for your groups!

However, for many of us, drawing in public is way outside our comfort zone. Inside, we’re saying ‘What, me, draw in front of other people; no way!’, ‘I can’t draw’ and ‘You’ve got to be joking’. Others feel more confident, but lack the skills and visuals to build professional graphics quickly.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Our co-founders Penny Pullan and Vanessa Randle brought this resource to the internet for trainers, presenters and facilitators in 2008. Penny took over and, ten years later, we’ve helped thousands of people all over the world to connect, communicate and collaborative with simple graphics! It’s wonderful and it could work for you too.

Here’s what other people say about it:

For someone who believed they could not draw you have worked a miracle! I used the little people and the target to set up my objectives today. It worked really well and I had a great sense of achievement.

Shelley Fishel
Managing Director, The Training Surgery Limited

Thank you for this latest graphic – they are brilliant.

Isobel Longworth
Training & Development Consultant

As a decided ‘non-artist’ I’ve found the email ideas really helpful.

Keith Timmis

All you need to try this out is an e-mail address. We’ll send you regular updates to help you develop your graphics skills, starting with three months of step by step guides.

Here’s what happens (in words and pictures):

  1. Sign up.

  1. Receive your first e-mail, including your graphics starter sheet – in colour – to print out

  1. Grab a pen and have a go – it’s easy with our step by step guide

  1. Try it out for real with your groups!

  1. Build your own Versatile, Visual Vocabulary, by receiving our regular updates, once a week for the first three months and regularly afterwards.

You won’t find this stuff elsewhere, and certainly not for free!

Once you sign up, here are just a few of the simple, easy to draw graphics you’ll receive:

  • People that take less than 2 seconds each to draw!
  • An image to inspire groups to look to the future with hope
  • A range of key work images – laptops, flipcharts, pencils, books and papers are just a few – and how to combine these effectively
  • Groups of people: thinking, feeling, reacting
  • Ways to make titles really engaging
  • Alternative bullet points – you guessed it, using little images!

We break each graphic down into its simplest elements. We give you a guided, structured way to practise it and make it your own. You’ll also get suggestions for different ways you can use the image in your work.

You will have loads of new ideas to enliven your training sessions and meetings. More importantly, your groups will notice improved recall and transfer of what you do with them.

Over time, your Versatile Visual Vocabulary will build into a major resource – just what you need to stand out from the rest and stay ahead of the game. You’ll have access to the power and engagement of spot-on graphics to use with your learners and groups.

Here’s what you’ll get in return for signing up:

  • Starting today, as soon as you sign up, we’ll send you an e-mail, with your first graphic
  • The graphic is in colour A4 and comes as a pdf file – this means you can print it out from your computer, pick up a pen and get going!
  • A week later, and every week for the next three months, you’ll receive a new graphic to try each week. This gives you the time to get really good at each one.
  • Beynod that, our e-mails will come less frequently. They’ll contain tips to help you to develop your graphics, as well as occasionally containing updates promoting our open graphics workshops and online events and programmes.
  • If you ever want to unsubscribe, you can do so at any time.

Enter your information in the boxes below to start receiving your own Versatile Visual Vocabulary.

BONUS OFFER for those in EUROPE: When you include your postal address, we’ll make sure you receive an example of how we use graphics in our work – specifically to get meetings and group sessions started up really effectively (usual cost £5). You’ll receive a pack by post showing you how to draw a range of easy people and groups, along with ideas of how to use them, when you include your full address below. (Only for those in Europe due to postal costs)

We will never rent, trade or sell your details to anyone else – your privacy is important to us. By signing up, you consent to receiving regular e-mails from me Penny Pullan of Making Projects Work Ltd with updates, tips and graphics ideas, along with the occasionaly promotion for my in person graphics workshops and online programmes. You can unsubscribe from these e-mails at any time. Here is our privacy policy.

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