Graphics Workshop for Facilitators, Trainers and Presenters

Communicate with Clarity using Simple Graphics:

Graphics Workshop for Facilitators, Trainers and Presenters

In our fast-moving and ever more agile world, those of us who work with groups of people and change need ways to connect, collaborate and communicate effectively. Simple graphics do that just. But most people lack the confidence or the competence to tap into this powerful way of working.

In this proven programme, in one day, you will learn how to combine graphics and words to

  • capture and present ideas and information even more clearly, whether for yourself or to share with a group;
  • increase group memory and recall of your sessions;
  • add innovation and creativity to workshops, training sessions and/or meetings;
  • get people really engaged, involved and interested.

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

As a trainer, presenter or a facilitator, you know how great it is to work with people who are engaged, interested and involved. But, far too often, groups are subjected to word overload and ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

Join us at this year’s workshop and learn how to combine graphics and words to keep people engaged, interested and involved. You’ll communicate with clarity and the simple graphics will help your groups remember much more too!

You’ll even be supported one-to-one by your instructor for six weeks after the workshop too, so it will be easy to apply what you learn back in your own work environment.

Here are Eight Workshop Worries that you’ll leave behind forever when you come along to our open workshop:

One hour into the workshop
One hour into the workshop

1) ‘I’m not an artist, so I can’t use drawing in a professional setting’

You will learn a set of simple images. You do not need to be an artist – anyone who can write the alphabet can draw these basic building blocks. Trainers, presenters and facilitators only need to use powerful, simple images to show ideas quickly.

2) ‘Our events always produce long lists of words. I would like to have alternative ways of presenting information at my fingertips.’

You’ll cover the different ways to present information on paper.

3) ‘I would like to start off my sessions in a more powerful way.’

You’ll experience the use of graphical templates. These let people see walls covered with graphics as they walk into the meeting room.

4) ‘I know that my writing isn’t as legible on a flip chart as it could be – and it only gets worse as I speed up.’

Practising lines and shapes
Practising lines and shapes

We’ll look at how you can write quickly and clearly. It does take practice though!

5) ‘We would like to help diverse groups to converge their ideas and thoughts in order to help each other see what they mean.’

By working to capture ideas as images, you will be able to draw out thoughts from a range of people and help them to understand.

6) ‘I get the feeling that people often forget a lot of what we do at events. I would like to find a way to help people recall what they have achieved and the buzz in the room.’

By using our methods to recreate the pictures from your event, the images will help people to remember it in much more detail.

7) ‘I want to be able to record what happens in sessions in real time for everyone to see.’

Simple graphic images drawn in real time alongside words build up a picture of the meeting as it progresses. You’ll learn how to build up simple images and practice them.

8) ‘Wouldn’t it be great it we could leave a meeting with agreed actions already documented?’

Using action templates and a camera, this will become reality!

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

Meet the graphic enthusiast who will guide you through the day:

Penny Pullan

Dr Penny Pullan

Penny is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and holds a range of professional qualifications. With a successful track record in consultancy, training and facilitation in blue chip multi-nationals over twenty years, she runs Making Projects Work Ltd.

However, what really sets Penny apart is her passion and skill in using graphics to make meetings and projects come alive. Her flair for generating ideas, doing things differently and really getting people on-side is pure gold.

She uses graphics to engage groups in large corporate, government and charitable clients. She has also trained facilitators, project managers and business analysts around the world. From starting a piece of work through to its completion Penny skillfully weaves in pictures, images and visual metaphors. People involved not only understand what’s going on they really see what they mean!

The workshop was designed initially with and run for many years with Vanessa Randle of thinkingvisually, who co-founded Graphics Made Easy with Penny. Vanessa is a leading graphic recorder here in the UK. Vanessa’s ideas and input have added so much to this course so you’ll benefit from this too.

Penny has clocked up decades of experience as a trainer, facilitator and presenter. Using graphics, she’s supported corporate, government and charity clients in the UK and abroad to get their messages across with impact.

I’ll make sure you can do that too!

Look forward to seeing you,

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

Don’t just take our word for it – Here are the great things that people say about this workshop:

‘I gained confidence today and produced a finished product. Now I feel excited about using graphics. If you are thinking of coming, it will open your mind to the possibilities of visual learning.

Katie Botten, Coach, Engaging Performance Ltd.

‘Go for it! Well worth the investment’

Erica Hurley, MD Parallax Development and Facilitator, KIN (Knowledge Innovation Network), Warwick Business School

‘A fantastic introduction. Lots of handy hints and tips. Very, very helpful’

Jason Murray, BSkyB

‘What went well? The pace – enough time to have a go at lots; the variety of exercises; seeing my progress. I feel confident. A brilliant day.’

Tilla Brook, Catalyst Convener Leader Coach at Tilla Brook Coaching Ltd

‘The gradual build up of very practical skills worked really well. We were able to apply the skills easily to create a work based example’

Graham Shaw, Director, Vision Learning

‘I loved it. If you think you can’t draw, come on this course

Mari Martin, Co-ordinator Restorative Approaches for Schools

It was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t fault anything. I can’t wait to get going and use graphics in our training and improve our participants’ learning experience’

Rob Hayes, Training Manager, Mango Training

‘This will develop some core skills very quickly that you can apply straight away’

Peter Burton, Trainer, Transforming Conflict

‘Fantastic course – great value for money!’

Sarah Stokes, Director, Kangaroo Training

‘What went well for me? Everything! Meeting lovely people, drawing, receiving excellent training. It was ten times better than I thought it would be – and I had high expectations to begin with.’

Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dosti

‘I liked the book recommendations, practice, tips and excellent materials. Penny [is an] experienced trainer with a lot to offer.’

Rachel Davies, Agile Experience Ltd

‘An incredibly useful and practical day; a great confidence-builder with lots of encouragement and inspiration.’

Jo Whitehead, St John’s College

‘You set out a safe environment where I felt comfortable to have a go, with good, positive encouragement. As a result, I’m much more confident.’

Fiona, Children’s worker

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

See what the workshop is like:

Graphic Gems – what we’ll cover together on the day

Graphical Kick Off

We’ll start off by introducing ourselves. We’ll record our objectives, how we’ll work together, what roles we will play and the agenda.

Banners and Flags drawn on the course
Banners and Flags drawn on the course

Building Blocks of Graphics

  • Letters and writing quickly!
  • Bullet points and headings
  • Lines, curves, banners
  • Symbols, images, people
  • Basic rules for use of colour
  • Simple graphics to represent objects
  • Simple graphics to represent ideas

Put it all together

Simple graphics
Simple graphics

Loads of opportunity throughout the day to try things out, practice skills and review learning. Opportunities to work on small and large scale graphics and to link your learning to the work that you do. Chances to create a host of ways simple graphics will make a positive impact on your meeting, session or event.

Sessions in the late afternoon (these flex a little to suit the group):

  • Using graphical templates to present information without having to draw anything!
  • Introduction to cartooning.
  • Introduction to technology to support the use of visuals in virtual meetings
  • Creating digital graphics
  • Focus on your own upcoming session
  • Plus even more opportunities to practice.

You’ll finish the day with tons of practical skills and a wealth of ideas and plans for your next meeting, course or presentation.

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

What you can expect from our workshop:

Practice the skills as you learn:

You’ll get lots of chance to practice as you learn throughout the day. One of the highlights for previous attendees has been the chance to watch and then have a go straight away! With everyone else around you drawing too and supporting you, the environment is set up for you to succeed. By the end of the course you will have drawn so much that you’ll be ready to try it out back at work.

A relaxed and friendly environment:

We believe that people learn most when they are enjoying themselves. We positively encourage discussion and sharing of ideas during the course, so that people can learn from each other.

Tailored to your needs:

We keep the group size to no more than ten per instructor, so you can get plenty of individual attention.

Ongoing support for when you’re back at work:

You’ll receive coaching and support for six weeks at work, using our online learning environment to tap into Penny’s individual feedback and ideas.

Practical tools that you can apply right away:

You can expect to leave with a set of graphics tools that you can apply straight away in your own meetings: marker pens; sharpie; pencil; rubber; sharpener; pastels and our Graphics Made Easy workbook.

Figures and images by a participant
Figures and images by a participant

Full colour documentation of the event:

We will document the workshop in full colour, including a description and the graphics from the session. This acts as a powerful reminder of the concepts presented during the session. This is provided afterwards as an A4 bound book, by post, to supplement your course workbook.

A visual feast of a venue:

The location is the award-winning Orchard hotel in Nottingham, with good connections by road (M1 junction 25), rail (Beeston or Nottingham) and flights (via East Midlands Airport). There is plenty of free parking and there are special overnight rates available for our participants.

Penny has run several workshops here and participants have really enjoyed being at this hotel. The room we’ll be using is bathed in natural light, with an outside terrace. A full range of hot drinks and water is on tap all day and we’ll go to the hotel restaurant for a yummy, hot, two-course lunch. It’s a great environment for you to develop your graphical skills.

You can see the more about the location in their video here and find full directions here.

So what is your investment?

You know that the way that we train visuals will work for you – you’ve signed up and experienced our VVV (Versatile, Visual Vocabulary). Now, in just one day, you will gain in confidence, practice with an expert and gather a host of new tools and techniques to use back at work.

Not only this, but you’ll receive some great kit so you can use your new skills back in the workplace. Penny has tried out and discarded countless pens and pastels to find what really works. You won’t need to!

Your investment will be £527 +VAT – this covers the course, the graphics tool kit, your workbook, a wonderful lunch, refreshments and an A4 book after the course including everything we did together and photographs of all your work.

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

Special Offer

When you book by 6th June, a few weeks before the course, you’ll receive bonuses worth more than £120!


A further three months Versatile Visual Vocabulary for free (usual price £19.97 + VAT)


A discount to bring the price down to just £497 + VAT all inclusive (worth £30)


Our E-book: Graphics Made Easy – VVV Volume 1 (worth £19.97 + VAT)


Our Meeting Start Up Template in A0 pdf form (worth £50 + VAT)

Reserve your place for 30th June 2020 (Nottingham, UK)

Booking information:

Immediately after you book online, we will send you confirmation and your receipt. If you are unable to attend, you may send another delegate in your place at no extra charge. Confirmed bookings may not be cancelled two weeks before the course.

Penny also runs in-house versions of this workshop, which can be tailored to your company’s needs. Get in touch with Penny here, and mention the Graphics Starter workshop in-house.